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What are the advantages of signing up with Willowbrook?

Willowbrook is here to make the NYS testing system easier on everyone in your institution. We take the work and the stress out of the testing process by offering clear guidance and a helping hand every step of the way.

How do I sign up for my school?

Sign up by filling out our Willowbrook School Support automated contract.

When is the deadline for applications for this year?

This year's deadline is Monday, October 24, 2022

When will we receive our test scores?

Willowbrook will email your school's test scores by the end of August or early September, so your school can enter the results in time for the Title 1 survey.

Is the quality control process required for our school's answer sheets?

Yes, the Willowbrook System of Checks and Reviews is a comprehensive quality control system of how, when, where, and who needs to review each answer sheet for errors.

What additional quality control does Willowbrook offer for test scoring?

At the conclusion of scoring, Willowbrook reviews each answer sheet to ensure it is in scannable condition. In negligence cases, answer sheets will be returned to the school for correction.

If Willowbrook carries the burden of our testing, can we downsize our testing staff?

No. Willowbrook will guide your testing faculty on how to administer the tests correctly. We will not come down to your school to administer the tests. That will be your school's responsibility.

What should we do with our testing booklets at the conclusion of the test?

Math and ELA: All used Session 2 booklets must be kept in your school for 12 months in the event of an audit. All Session 1 booklets and unused Session 2 booklets must be returned to Questar.

NYSESLAT: All NYSESLAT testing material, used and unused, must be returned to Metritech.

What should we do if we lose our return shipping labels from the testing vendor?

You can reach out to the testing vendor to email you more shipping labels.

We are considering administering ELA/Math/NYSESLAT tests for the first time. Is there a way to review tests from past years to help us with our decision?

Yes, use this link for past math, and ELA tests

Use this link to past NYSESLAT tests

What happens if we miss the deadline for ordering tests?

Willowbrook will do its utmost to see what we can do for your institution.

What does it mean when students are in the NYSSIS queue?

NYSED compares all students loaded in the level 0 database. If they receive similar information from more than one student, they want to know if the data is coming from one student or if there are multiple students with similar information. They then put the questionable student in the NYSISS queue. If your school is notified that you have students in the queue, you must go to NYSISS and follow the instructions on how to reconcile the issue.

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